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How to Pay for Home Improvements

Boost your home's value by making the right improvements.

Home improvements can be necessities or luxuries, adding value to a home or simply making it more habitable. One thing that all improvements have in common is that they cost money.



New elegant countertops provide inexpensive facelift

Outdated cabinets, faded countertops, tired appliances, stained flooring and tiles. Does this remind you of your kitchen? If you have not remodeled your kitchen in years, then the answer is probably a disheartened yes. But is it time for a complete kitchen makeover, or just a facelift?

The answer depends on your budget. The bad news is that a total renovation project can be very costly. The good news is that you can replace your countertops and feel as though you have a brand new kitchen.

That's because your countertop is the most visible source of color in the kitchen. If your cabinets are white or wood, then what immediately catches your eye is the surface you use the most, your countertop.


10 Projects to Protect Your Privacy

What single room in the home is associated most with privacy? The bathroom, of course. And, while you may want natural light in your bathroom, you primarily desire privacy.

To solve the dual challenge of light and privacy in the home, Hy-Lite Products offers acrylic block and decorative glass windows. Both windows allow light into the home through non-translucent, decorative materials yet protect you from the prying eyes of neighbors.

Whether used in the bathroom or in kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms, acrylic block windows allow light to flow throughout the home while protecting privacy.